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Educational Advices

Educational Advices




1-For All Females: 


* try to make a complete teeth check & treat all dental problems

    if present Before planning for marriage,

since pregnant female are not candidates and totally comet be given any medication or anesthetics specially during the st trimester

(3 st months & Pregnancy) to avoid possibility & teratogenesis.


* For pregnant female: Ensure sufficient calcium intake in the mother's dietary daily intake

 During pregnancy and after lab our to avoid bone osteoporosis diseases.



2- For All Mothers

  • try to avoid knight breast & bottle feeding due to its deterioratine & carious affects on milk teeth "rampant caries "


  •   For your child try to feed them Healthy and balanced diet that is rich with the following Groups "fruits, vegetables, grains, milk & meat"


  • Clean your baby's teeth after feeding with a moistened piece & cotton or gauze.


  • Child dental care:

    Vita D is a very important dietary supplement that should be given for children from date of

    Birth specially those not exposed to sun rays with amount of 400 unit / day. As it is very

    Important for absorption of calcium & phosphorus from intestine necessary for teeth and

    Bone formation.


  •  Avoid giving your child :


  • - Synthetic milk before age of ist year.

    - coffee, tea or similar beverages before age of five

    - all manufactured food with additives & preservatives.

    - avoid honey, Spanish & tomato broccoli before ist year of age .

    - avoid sugar & salt in ist months of age

    - avoid snakes containing refined & sticky food reach in sugar or starch since this is the main

      Source for bacterial feeding and finally production of tooth decay.


3- Did You Know That?


  • 1- do you know that bleeding gums as a result of chronic inflammation from calculus deposits

 Is a very dangerous condition and end with destruction of tooth supporting structures?

 Leading  to teeth loss.


  • 2-Scientific researches proved a close relation bet calculus deposits around teeth and gums for long period and a fetal cardiac problems.



  • 3- main causes of teeth loss:

       - Uncontrolled diabetic patient.

       - heavy smoking

       - Poor oral hygiene with heavy calculus deposits


4-Bleeding Gums

 Bleeding gums : ( cases & solutions )


    Causes: - calculus or tartar deposits.

                 - Poor oral hygiene (inadequate brushing & flossing)

                 - Injury with sharp e.g. pencil, tooth picks

                 - Hot & spicy food or chemicals

                 - vita c deficiency

                 - Systemic diseases e.g. leukemia

                 - Drugs e.g. aspirin.


- improving oral hygiene measure mints (brushing. flossing & mouth washed)

 - Removal of hard calculus deposits in the dental clinic. 


Get rid of all the weak whitening gel the requires days and nights to produce temporary whitening and choose the world wide brand zoom that produces a long life whitening effect with zero side effects Extreme makeover using zoom safe laser producing machine will result in a great & magnificent smile.

5 Causes & Solution Of Bed Breath :

  •      Causes : decayed food particles between teeth.

 - gum disease with formation of pus.

 - healing wounds after a surgery or extraction

 - Gingival pockets

 - fixed or removable prosthesis that are poorly fabricated

 - Causes outside mouth :

         - Tonsillitis

        - Gastro intestinal disturbances

        - Sinusitis


  •  solution: removal of the cause that mainly implies


1- in clinic full mouth scaling. Curettage root planning & polishing that might take more than

    One vist .

2- prescription of antibiotics & anytime & lambaste – rise


3- home care with the use of brushing . flossing & mouth washes


6-Smile Makeover

Through which the patient cosmetic appearance changes 360 degree . 
In most of the cases a full mouth rehabilitation may be required in order to give the whole teeth in both arches the same shape & contour . 

It can be achieved via one or some of the following services:
• zoom whitening for dark yellow teeth.
• porcelain laminates & veneers to cover crowded or malformed front teeth 
• zirconium crowns to protect weak or badly decayed front & back teeth .