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Patient Pampering

Patient Pampering

We believe that it's our job to do everything we can to make you comfortable. So we do all we can to make sure you're at ease the entire time you're with us . The warm greeting you'll get when you arrive from our always-helpful staff is just the start. 


We offer the following convenient accommodations for the busy professionals in the area: 

• Flexible morning, lunchtime, evening and Saturday & Thursday appointments .
• Ability to take an appointment only by phone .
• Minimal wait-times in our office .
• Major credit cards are always welcome and affordable payment plans are always available .
• We will be glad to work with you to help maximize your dental insurance benefit 
• Easy access to all bus and subway lines. 
• Audio analgesia is always used to decrease patient fear 
• Comfortable waiting area with available free hot beverages .
• A satellite LCD monitor & magazines are also present for our patients to add in the homey atmosphere .
• For ladies there is always female staff to serve them .